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The Feasts of the Muses in 1972 being its precursor, the Olympus Festival was transformed through its course of time to a contemporary cultural institution, which counts thousands of friends and stands high for its aesthetics and the completeness of the cultural events it presents every summer. Within its long presence in the artistical events of northern Greece, the Festival recollects important moments and splendid unforgettable shows of Greek and international artists. Great creators, big theatre actors and important artistic groups have honored the Olympus Festival and have marked it as a cradle of civilization for the whole region.

With passion and imagination, the Olympus Festival continues its journey in alliance with the unalterable by the time conditions it has set and invites everybody, this year as well, to short escapes from the daily routine in the beautiful Pieria. With vigor and verve, the Olympus Festival climbs one more summer on the Castle of Platamon to gaze at the big blue of Thermaikos Gulf and strolls around the archaeological parks of Dion, Livithra and Pydna. Right there, works of man – unique musical and theatrical performances – invite all guests to magic and dreamy nights under the star – spangled sky of Pieria. The Festival has for many years been the top cultural event of Pieria as well as of Macedonia and Thessaly, with impact all over Greece and international perspective. The vents of the Festival take place at locations of historical and archaeological importance, such as the Ancient Theatre of Dion, the Castle of Platamon, ancient Livithra, the Byzantine Temple of the Assumption of the Virgin in Kontariotissa and others.

JULY - SEPT 2023


The Olympus Festival contributes to the development of the cultural and economic life of the Prefecture of Pieria, as it attracts a lot of visitors from the nearby areas, especially the neighbouring prefectures of Larissa, Thessaloniki, Kozani and Imathia. During its long and continuous operation, the Festival has hosted many internationally renowned artists (i.e. Milva, Nana Moushouri, Goran Bregovic, Sezaria Evora, Luz Casal) and other nation – wide artists (i.e.Haris Alexiou, Giorgos Dalaras, Marinella, Marios Fragoulis, Mihalis Hadjiyiannis, Maria Farantouri), various artistic events (i.e. painting exhibitions, theatrical costumes, mosaics) and remarkable theatre performances (i.e. National Theatre, Karolos Koun Art Theatre, State Theatre of Northern Greece, Municipal Theatres).And it is precisely the dangers of such foolish and catastrophic exploitation that we must guard against.
…Olympus is the most recognized massif of Greece. The valley of Karya divides it into two distinct sections: The Upper Olympus and the Lower Olympus.
The Lower Olympus, whose base is encircled by the Peneus, is a cluster of peaks with an average altitude of one thousand two hundred to one thousand five hundred meters…


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