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Discover Some Unique Places

People all over the world visit the mountain of Gods in order to live once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Aside of mountain climbing or hiking, these experiences engage all of our senses, with nature imparting upon us immense emotions through the surrounding magnificence. Trekking through the Olympian trails and paths, one will reach significant archaeological sites, while the soul draws closer to God by visiting monasteries, churches and hermitages dating back to centuries ago. Adrenaline enthusiasts can choose among plenty of activities such as skiing, riding 4X4s, paragliding, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, rafting, etc. Rare orchids bloom along the sides of the trail, while, farther along, swimming in the small ponds formed by the waterfalls one is overcome by a feeling of unprecedented euphoria. The mountain’s pristine land grants visitors the opportunity to savour products unique in quality and taste, such as teas, oregano and wine. Walking through the enchanting villages of Mt. Olympus and sampling delicious dishes at picturesque taverns, one is surrounded by true serenity. Chance encounters with wild horses and wild goats are also quite likely, provoking awe and admiration. On Mt. Olympus every moment is an adventure!


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