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The products of Mountain of Myth

a gastronomy tour on mount olympus area

The unique biodiversity of Olympus combined with the high altitude and the efforts of the inhabitants to highlight the wealth of the land of Olympia, have given us local products of high nutritional value, quality and taste. Famed for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and rich taste, Olympus tea, from the genus Sideritis, is one of the region’s most prized products. Aromatic herbs and fragrant oregano with a strong flavour also thrive at these high altitudes. The rich flora creates the perfect ingredients for the fine honey of Olympus, while the mountain of the gods is also home to one of the largest chestnut trees in Greece. With a centuries old winemaking tradition, Rapsani continues to produce exceptional quality wine.
Koumara tsipouro is another traditional taste of Olympus, which you should definitely try. You will find there is no shortage of haute cuisine products here with the presence of seven types of truffles in its forests.

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Known from ancient times for its health-giving properties, Olympus tea is a treasure trove for health. Sideritis, as it is called, due to its high iron content, has soothing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties, helps fight colds and, according to research, it also acts against Alzheimer’s.

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The rich and rare flora of Olympus as well as the high altitude virgin forests, where the beehives are located, give this honey unique medicinal properties. Its strong antibacterial and antioxidant activity is even compared to the top Manuka honey of New Zealand and is beneficial for the stomach, intestines and anemia.

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Olympus offers ideal conditions for rearing livestock. Thus, meat and dairy products, especially feta cheese, are of excellent quality and taste. It is worth mentioning that black pigs, a rare local Greek species, resident in our homeland for at least 7,500 years, are bred on Olympus!

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The dark red, tasty fruits of the arbutus tree are considered to be the Olympian land’s Christmas time present. The berries are harvested during the holiday season and are widely used for making luscious marmalades, fruit-based syrupy sweets, liqueur and tsipouro. Arbutus have to be ripe (but not overripe) in order to release their maximum flavor.


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