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Thessaloniki and Silk History


The Greek Silk Road  also passes through Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece. More specifically, it runs through the suburb of Pylaias, where the old silk mill of Benouzilio is located. It was built in 1880, originally as part of the larger ceramic factory of Allantini. In 1919/1920 it was taken over by Levi Benouzilio and initially worked as factory producing locks and buttons/fasteners. It went through many changes of use (pottery kilns, stables, foundry, wine store, etc) amongst them as a silk mill. The property was inherited by Benouzilio’s daughter, Lily, and was bought by Moucha Bros. in 1976. The mill comprises of the original 2 storey building along with various later extensions and outbuildings, at the perimeter of the site there is another 2 storey building and a tall chimney. Other points of interest on the site are the ceramic tiled roofs which are from the time it was the Allantini Potteries and Pierre Amedee from Marseilles and the cast iron columns.

Today, despite the old buildings on the site along with the perimeter walls and brick chimney being classified as protected heritage, the Benouzilio Silk Mill remains derelict, waiting to be utilised as is befitting such an important example of the industrial history of the city.

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